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Rygal 1.2 released and more!

Recently I released Rygal 1.2 with it’s new features and today I’d like to write something about the recent events.

Input Abstraction

First of all, the Controller I talked about in my last post turned out to be more difficult to implement than I thought, even though the usage of it turns out to be ridiculously easy. First of all I noticed that I’d have to implement the planned device system before I created the controller, else I’d have to write the latter two times because the structure would differ too much. In the end I came up with a pretty decent device system and a controller that pretty much does what I wanted it to do, but that was about one week after the planned completion date. Nevertheless I was able to complete the 1.2 Milestone and I’m pretty happy about it.

GitHub Organization

Besides functional changes, I also made some organizational. First of all, I created a Github organization called Rygal and put every Rygal-related repository on the organization. Furthermore I invited my good friend Kasoki (Christopher Kaster) to the organization, as he already participated quite a bit in the Rygal development. After moving all of his Rygal-related repositories to the organization, we now have access to every repository and are both able to make changes and fix problems.

Current Development

After the organization was set up and dead links were corrected, we started working on 1.3. Kasoki created a bunch of test cases so we can now run unit tests (Even though that’s not completely done yet), whilst I was thinking about new concepts and some other things.

For instance, yesterday I played around with NME and some various drawing methods and came up with 3 different render systems that we’d have to implement in Rygal to ensure maximum performance. (More detail about that on this GitHub issue page)

Besides that I’m thinking about implementing optional NAPE integration for Rygal, so you’d be able to take advantage of a solid physics system in conjunction with the graphical capabilities of Rygal.

Today I’ll start working on the network abstraction needed for cross-platform TCP connections, but again, more information about that on yet another GitHub issue page